100 Pull Ups Under 20 Minutes: Pyramid Workout

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Doing 100 pull-ups is always a nice number for me to reach, especially when I plan on doing it as fast as possible. It’s also time-efficient, so it fits well into a busy schedule, and honestly, 100 pull-ups can definitely burn out the muscles if the pause is the shortest possible.

Whenever my goal is to train the pulling muscles in the quickest time feasible but effective as well, I choose between the circuit training method and the pyramid method. The pyramid training method builds the intensity more gradually. So in this article, I want to give you a pull-up pyramid workout consisted of 100 repetitions.

Quick Pull Up Pyramid Workout: 100 reps

Pull-Ups2 -> 4 -> 6 -> 8 -> 10 -> 8 -> 6 -> 4 -> 250 Reps
Chinups2 -> 4 -> 6 -> 8 -> 10 -> 8 -> 6 -> 4 -> 250 Reps

The rest time between the repetitions is brief, just enough to recatch air and strength again for the next harder level. As I said, I planned on doing these 100 pull-ups in a maximum of 20 minutes, so obviously that the pause was brief only.

Nonetheless, between the two sets of 50, you can do an extended break time.

The workout begins with 2 reps, then you move to 4 reps and so on. You can alternate grips and do other variants too besides regular pullups and chinups.
However, the workout is split into two sets of 50 reps. If it’s unachievable, then adapt it and a lower volume.

I also recorded this routine uncut and published it on YouTube channel. If you are curious to find out how exactly I performed and executed throughout the range of motion and how I paused, check it out below:

Benefits of Bodyweight Pyramid Workouts

I want to highlight some of the most beneficial aspects of doing pyramid workouts:

  1. Effective for conditioning and strength endurance. Your stamina will get better so that you can endure higher reps more effectively.
  2. It fatigues and burns the muscles up to failure. It has a good impact on muscle hypertrophy.
  3. Time-efficient. You will always save time with pyramid workouts, and it doesn’t require more than 25 minutes to do a good strength-based routine. You also have to consider the warm-up, of course. If you are looking for an extensive good warm-up, check out mine: Total Body Warm-Up.


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