Beginner Calisthenics is the program that will help you master the basics of bodyweight training from 0. You’ll unlock your first pull-ups and pushups, and over time, you’ll master calisthenics and become performant, functional, strong and considerably more muscular.






Sample workouts


It amuses me when I think of why I started outdoor bodyweight training and the fact I ended up years later inspiring others to do it too.The main reason was that I couldn’t afford a gym membership. So I began running and doing basic calisthenics instead. For the reasons I didn’t know just yet, calisthenics fitted my natural and simplistic style and character very elegantly. Since the beginning, I knew I was going to be proficient overtime. Starting as skinny, athletic, but pretty weak in terms of muscular endurance or strength, I knew I have a lot of work ahead.

Like any starter in calisthenics, I wanted to muscle-up, pull-up single-handedly, freely walk in a handstand, and gain muscles too.Over time, I unlocked the potential for these feats and also packed on lean muscles. At some point in my journey, I decided it is about time to compound my training methods, routines, and all the advice in an eBook for starters.Beginner Calisthenics is the program I expected to find in my beginnings and never came across one like it. 


I studied a lot of scientific researches on how muscles activate and work during bodyweight exercises. I also have my own experience of several years in bodyweight training alone. I was also a professional swimmer, and I do high-endurance sports like running mountain marathons.

Consequently, I know how muscles respond and develop when doing various pull-ups, dips, pushups, sprints, etc.

Beginner Calisthenics program is science-based!


Yes. Follow the workout structure inside, and you will get strong enough to do your first correct pull-ups, dips, pushups, squats, and leg raises too.

The program provides plenty of easier variations you can handle in the current situation that ultimately help you master the essential exercises.I created it for starters in calisthenics and anyone else who begins fitness for the first time in their life. Hence, worry not if you don’t have a sports and fitness background.

To give a beginning training log usable every time you go to a public park, at the gym or in a calisthenics playground without worrying about what exercises to do. 

More so, I want to help you level up the strength, muscular endurance, stamina just enough for more rigorous training. The program also provides harder training routines once you got over the first phase of mastering the basics so you can pack on some muscles too.

You might be in a situation where you can do 4-6 pull-ups or dips and hold so for several sets. But because you are not yet endurable and strong enough, the strength suddenly drops. It is a problem as you can’t hold a proper execution anymore and force you to shorten the range of motion increasing the risk of ending the workout right there. 

The training shouldn’t cease in that spot, even if you feel burned out. Therefore, I included variations such as assisted pull-ups or body rows to help you continue and add more sets and reps. In this way, you build up the volume to a level that stimulates strength and muscle growth. The same methodology is applied over other exercises too. So if you follow my recommendations, then you should be able to increase your reps in a pretty short time. 

If you feel too strong for this program and need something more challenging, then check out my Intermediate-Advanced Program below:

The first part of the eBook revolves around progressive calisthenics. The workouts usually start with the hardest variations like wide pull-ups and continue towards the less intense ones like body rows. 

I included plenty of high-intensity-interval-training workouts to meet your current fitness level. You will find circuits dedicated to beginners, so they revolve around easy exercises like assisted pull-ups, burpees, planks, mountain climbers, or assisted squats. But I also integrated harder exercises like dips, wide pull-ups, high-jumps, decline pushups in case you can handle more intensity and volume. 

Yes. Inside the eBook, I added jogging routines or workouts based on the jump rope. My goal with them is to help you build athleticism, stamina, and burn more body fat. 

It is a lot easier to pull yourself over the bar when fit. However, you will find routines based on sprints, burpees, jumps, and even jumping jacks too.

I train only outdoors, and if you do the same, then seek places that have pull-up bars and a dip station. Everything else can be done on a flat surface. It can be a public park or a calisthenics playground the city provides. In this case, you are lucky! I don’t have a calisthenics playground in my town. Hence I built one in my backyard.If you have none, go indoors at a gym. 

You also need TRX stripes or something similar, rubber elastic bands that help you release some of the intensity and comfortable clothing. You could use a watch or your phone to time your pause, and training intervals. 

I added only essential bodyweight exercises, nothing fancy that resembles Street Workout. These exercises increase your necessary and functional strength but also prepare your joints, soft tissue, and tendons, keeping you out of injuries at the same time. 

I designed the eBook around exercises like assisted pushups, dips, bench-dips, diamond pushups, inclined-pushups, and so on. I added a variety of pulling exercises of different grips and difficulty, from Australian pull-ups and horizontal pull-ups to the vertical ones (assisted with a rubber band or purely body weight for extra intensity). You have a big palette of squats variations and plyometric too like sumo squats, squats, different types of jumps, burpees, etc.

For the core, I added various exercises on the ground, such as leg raises or sit-ups, even planks. As harder variations, you can choose for V-raises or leg raises hanged of a pull-up bar. When you do leg raises, by slightly bending the knees, you decrease the difficulty, and this creates another variation itself. 

Then, of course, for the lower back, you also have sprints, uphill sprints, and even bridges.  The rest are handstands against a wall, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, plank-to-pushups, tricep extensions, and many others essential to your goal.

Every moment is excellent to start bodyweight training. If you are over 40, then you are most welcomed. I tailored this program to meet everyone’s expectations and limitations. That is why it covers a vast need for the people, old and young, strong or weak.

Beginners are usually the ones who progress faster than everyone. How quick or slow your progress is, depends on the level of your commitment and discipline. No program on this planet will provide immediate results, regardless of how good it might be. 

I put my experience of over 10 years into this eBook. I know what I’m doing, and people endorse what I do and promote as effective. I can assure you of notable results from a month to another, but achieving a radical body and strength development will require at last a full year of weekly training. You will endure pain and have to overcome life obstacles. It is why I had 4 body transformations until 29. The last being the best shape I ever had and meant to keep it. 

Yes! All the essential nutrition aspects covered in a full chapter. Besides that, I reveal to you my diet plan and meal samples as a BONUS.

I also added cardio and high-intensity full-body workouts. I did it because you may need to improve conditioning, get shredded, burn your belly fat, or raise stamina and muscular endurance.

A good part of Beginner Calisthenics is dedicated to progressive overload to unlock pull-ups, pushups and dips. Another part is about getting stronger and raise the number of reps and total work volume to build muscle definition. But then, I also came with functional workouts like sprint interval training, jump-rope workouts, burpees sessions and combinations of long-runs and sprints with squats.

To top it all, I provide you with my meal plan to improve your nutrition because it’s extremely relevant to fuel correctly when you train consistently and burn calories and fat and increase muscle size at the same time.