Calisthenics Leg Exercises for Mass and Strength

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It’s all a myth that you can’t build massive and extremely strong legs with calisthenics exercises alone. Hence, I want to give you 5 of my best calisthenics leg exercises for mass, muscular endurance, strength and explosiveness:

  1. Box Jumps
  2. One Leg Squats or Pistols
  3. Frog Jumps
  4. Regular Bodyweight Squats
  5. Sprints or Hill Sprints

Exercise X-Ray

While these exercises may strike you easy, I ensure you all that it’s very difficult and requires not only strength and coordination but great athleticism too in order to execute these exercises excellently, flawless, with a great form, and more so if they are put together in a single leg calisthenics routine, one after another:

I didn’t add Hill Sprints in my calisthenics leg workout video because I dedicated a sprint session separately the day before. However, you can integrate sprints because it’s still bodyweight training, but try to discern where they fit best amongst the other exercises.
My strong suggestion is to place sprints after your legs are extremely well warmed up, perhaps as your second exercise on the training log.

Watch very closely how I perform because execution is the first essential aspect of building massive and strong legs with calisthenics. You need to keep a proper form and move throughout the full range of motion to benefit entirely. Then remind yourself that balance, coordination and keeping a perfectly aligned and straight spine is also mandatory. Better safe than sorry!

I developed my legs with bodyweight training. Almost 100% of my leg training revolved around basic calisthenics leg exercises, sprints, and running on the roads and trails. I recognize athletics (sprints and running) as calisthenics. Therefore, I am the one to say that there is no need for heavy lifting or heavyweight squats, but it doesn’t mean I don’t consider or love that. Heavyweight or weighted squats and deadlifts are still great exercises; I merely want to show that there are ways around them if you don’t want or can do weighted leg workouts too.

I find these exercises more advanced, even if they appear to be simple and easy to execute. The workout I do with these variants is based on high-rep, and that’s the second most essential key in building massive and strong legs with calisthenics.

Calisthenics Leg Exercises for Mass and Strength

Don’t rely on this workout and exercises only. Calisthenics includes other essential variants. To fully get it all right, I invite you to explore my content and see what else you may miss. You can also check out my calisthenics program and see all my leg workouts there.

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