Experience the perfect blend of traditional calisthenics and modern techniques. A holistic, easily adaptable guide focused on hypertrophy, muscle endurance, strength, fat burn, stamina, and power, all while diving deep into the foundational science of calisthenics.

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  • In-Depth Science: Dozens of pages to study the science of exercise and calisthenics training: periodization, supercompensation, hypertrophy, biomechanics, and many more.
  • Adaptability: Designed for various fitness levels, this program is both comprehensive and easily adaptable.
  • Two-in-One Bundle: One eBook delves deep into the science of calisthenics, covering periodization, supercompensation, muscle fibers, hypertrophy, strength, muscle endurance, energy systems etc. The second eBook provides weekly training plans, routines, exercises, and volume.
  • Instant Demonstrations: Every exercise links to a demonstration video with just one click.
  • PDF Format Split for Convenience: The package is divided into two PDFs. This allows you to print the theoretical section while keeping the training portion digital, making it easier to access routines and exercises.
  • A Training Program for a Lifetime: This isn’t a 2-3 month plan. I still train using this program, even after 10 years.
  • Comprehensive Workouts: Discover functional workouts, from simple to complex, diverse in nature, targeting everything from chest, arms, grip and forearms, to legs, core, back, and shoulders. Everything is covered!
  • Versatile Exercise Options: From exercises on rings and suspension trainers to minimalist routines on bars or the ground, utilizing boxes, stairs, hill sprints, jump ropes, and even athletic drills.
  • Utilizing Resistance Bands: Exercises with bands, either dedicated routines or to assist with calisthenics, all designed to round out your training and enhance the workout stimulus.
  • Hybrid Workouts: A fusion of bodyweight exercises and external weight training, such as deadlifts, barbell squats, weighted push-ups, and pull-ups, among many others.
  • Speed & Stamina: Numerous speed exercises and workouts aimed at enhancing Vo2 Max, strengthening the myocardium, bolstering the aerobic system, and increasing power.
  • Agility, Coordination & Balance: Workouts and exercises tailored for agility, coordination, and both static and dynamic balance.
  • Diverse Training Styles: Explore pyramid training, circuits, ladder workouts, supersets, as well as traditional sets and repetitions.

Two Comprehensive Guides to Transform Your Calisthenics Journey!

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Angel bobe (client)

I truly have to be honest with you and say that if I would have never come across your calisthenics channel on YouTube. I would not have gotten to the place where I am now with calisthenics.

Although there are plenty of other great calisthenics channels that are good none compare to your channel. Yours focuses on the Basics compound Movements of calisthenics. And you focus on the Nutrition. You break everything down to the science. I am so glad that I found your channel. It has shaped my Mind into Iron and I have found Discipline. It has built my confidence level and I have found something that I will apply to my life for as long as I live.

Thank you Moldovan Adorian.

From Passion to Profession: My Story

I am a performance coach, or otherwise put, a physical trainer currently specialized in tennis. Thus, I have studies in physical effort, kinesiology, biomechanics, anatomy, sports physiology, basic gymnastics, methodology, and sports nutrition. Moreover, I work directly with amateur adults who desire a better physical shape, aim to increase their physical and sports performance, wish to eat more correctly, strengthen or define their muscles, typically through foundational calisthenics training.

I was a performance swimmer during my childhood, and this experience has been beneficial. I have been practicing basic calisthenics for about 10 years with quite impressive results. I have also assisted and trained my close friends, all of whom have shown consistent progress.

This package, which includes the two eBooks, encompasses my vast experience and the hard-earned theoretical knowledge. It is an investment in your physical culture, not just a program to follow.

I’ve lost my shape and physical condition several times so far. The comeback wasn’t easy, just as building a harmonious, strong, flexible, yet well-balanced physique wasn’t. I might not be the top performer, but through hard and consistent work, I’ve gained pretty good skills. I’ve lived in times when people looked down on calisthenics, considering it inferior to weightlifting. Today, basic calisthenics is more promoted, and its benefits are quite evident.

Of course, you can develop muscles through calisthenics training, and certainly, you can enhance general physical performance. You can be more functional, healthier, and more energetic. Now, everything also depends on where you start from, whether or not you have a foundation, but if you’re consistent over several months, week after week, you’ll see significant results; I promise you that.

My passion for calisthenics grew gradually; I didn’t have it from the very beginning. Back then, I needed a public place to train minimally since I wasn’t in a good financial situation. That’s how I landed on street fitness, doing bodyweight exercises.

Over time, I developed a strong passion for calisthenics and generally for physical activity in any form it takes. I’ve run and continue to run with much enthusiasm. I sprint, swim, and practice calisthenics weekly. The goal isn’t to reach superior limits anymore, but to maintain my functionality and physical shape. To stay healthy! You’ll learn about such things in this package.

Expert Endorsement

Kyle Boggeman – Holding a Master’s degree in Kinesiology and certified by the NSCA as a CSCS, TSAC-F, and CPT, Kyle is a renowned educator on the intricate science of training and calisthenics

Workout Examples Found in the eBook


This training program is designed for individuals who already have a foundational background in calisthenics or other sports. If you’re a beginner in calisthenics and can’t do pull-ups and push-ups at all, I suggest you check out the other eBook: Beginner Calisthenics.

I’ve crafted two PDF eBooks for this package. One is dedicated solely to theory, allowing for a deep dive into the world of calisthenics. Through it, you’ll grasp concepts like periodization in calisthenics and the principle of supercompensation. In simpler terms, you’ll understand how many exercises, repetitions, and sets to perform in a workout, even if you choose not to follow the provided volume and program. This theoretical foundation will empower you to plan your workouts independently, set specific goals, and achieve them efficiently and without hassle. It delves into muscle anatomy and physiology, energy systems during calisthenic exercises, and how to enhance your biomotor parameters.

I decided to split the package into two because you might prefer to print out the theoretical part and keep the practical part digital. The reason being, the program, which encompasses all plans and workouts, is linked with videos for each exercise, showcasing the proper form and execution.

Therefore, the core focus of this package is to educate you about calisthenics, elevate your performance, and significantly improve your overall physical fitness. This encompasses increased strength, power, muscle development, endurance, definition, and the shedding of excess body fat.

Within this program, you’ll discover a range of exercises from basic to intricate, and workouts varying from moderate to extremely challenging. It encompasses fundamental exercises like various push-up variations, a multitude of pull-up variations – both on the bar and using rings or suspension trainers. I’ve incorporated numerous exercises for harmonious leg development and ground exercises for mobility and functionality that are not too demanding and don’t require a high level of fitness. Additionally, you’ll encounter various types of Burpees, jump rope exercises, basic static exercises, dynamic drills for maximal strength and power development, as well as exercises focused on hypertrophy and muscular endurance. All in all, hundreds of exercises await you!

To make the program as comprehensive as possible, I’ve added a multitude of dynamic exercises from the field of sports physical training, athletics exercises, and exercises with various resistance bands.

Absolutely! The workouts are structured in a way that allows for easy adjustments in terms of the number of rounds, sets, or repetitions. You can also conveniently switch the order of exercises or substitute one exercise for another.

To further simplify adaptability, many of the workouts are segmented into three phases: the foundational workout highlighted in red, the supplementary workout in green, and the optional section in blue. What does this mean?

Depending on the time you have available, your fitness level, and your preference for prolonged or intense physical exertion, you can decide how much of the proposed workout to undertake. The exercises marked in red represent the fundamental or core exercises that you should ideally complete, tailoring the volume to match your capabilities. If you find you have more energy and motivation after that, for an increased stimulus, you can proceed with the exercises highlighted in green. These are complementary exercises that I recommend, but they’re not strictly essential. The final part comprises the exercises in blue, which are entirely optional. Typically, these are moderate-intensity exercises often utilizing resistance bands, designed to add extra volume or target muscles needing further development.

This training program is squarely focused on fundamental exercises. You won’t find muscle-ups or extremely challenging static exercises like planches, human-flags, or levers. However, it’s essential to understand that the stronger your foundational base, the greater your physical abilities will become. Personally, I managed to achieve strict muscle-ups purely through basic training.

Absolutely. I’m a performance coach in tennis, and many of the workouts included are highly effective not just for this sport but for others as well. If your sport demands functional development of the legs, core, back muscles, or strong upper limbs, then definitely. If you require endurance in intense activities, then again, the answer is yes.

While many of the workouts, in my opinion, might be a bit challenging for women because they demand higher levels of strength and endurance, the same could be said for men who don’t have a basic foundational fitness level; they might also find aspects of the program challenging. However, not all exercises or workouts are intense. I’ve included a variety of exercises and routines that can be managed by almost anyone with minimal fitness levels. If you’re a woman with a high level of physical conditioning and strength, certain workouts can indeed be tackled, especially if adjusted in intensity and volume.

Yes. I’ve integrated hybrid workouts, which means they are a refined blend of exercises using external weights and pure calisthenics. These workouts are structured pyramidally, ranging from very challenging to easier exercises. The weighted exercises include pull-ups, dips, push-ups, barbell squats, deadlifts, and push-ups with resistance bands.

I offer a vast array of workout forms. You will undoubtedly find the classic sets and repetitions, bodybuilding-style for muscle hypertrophy and overall strength. Many pyramid-style workouts are included, ranging from high repetition intervals to fewer reps, aiming at training muscle endurance and prompting muscle growth. You’ll encounter ladder workouts, circuits, and supersets. These can be likened to cross-training, transitioning from one movement to the next.

You will discover progressive workouts that increase in the difficulty of exercises, starting the workout with the toughest exercises or variations and moving to easier ones, a concept many refer to as progressive overload. The same principle applies to the hybrid workouts.

There are cardio and HIIT workouts, either as supersets or circuits, with exercises that vary in intensity.

I’ve even included workouts based on various sprints – flat ground, uphill, on stairs. There are different jumps and numerous quick movement drills.

Of course, you will find training that effectively targets the core area, including all the abdominal muscles, both superficial and deep layers, as well as the lumbar region or the entire spinal muscles. These are permissive, moderate, and not at all difficult workouts. They are those postural, functional trainings.

In my opinion, age doesn’t hold much relevance when approaching my training program; it all depends on your current fitness level. You could be 20 years old, but if you’ve never engaged in any physical activity, are overweight, and can’t even do two squats or a push-up, then certainly, it will be challenging to fully utilize my program. In such conditions, there are still workouts you’ll be able to do, but they might be limited. However, you can benefit from valuable advice and delve into the study of physical culture to start somewhere.

There are many workouts in the program that, frankly, don’t require any fitness equipment at all. However, for exercises like pull-ups, you’d at least need a bar, a beam, handles with straps wrapped around a beam, gymnastic rings, or suspension trainers. I’ve incorporated extremely minimalist workouts, but some do require, for instance, gymnastic rings. I can’t predict what equipment you already have or are willing to purchase, so I’ve designed workouts of all kinds – those that need minimal gear and those that are entirely accessible anywhere.

However, to fully benefit from all these exercises and training plans, you’d ideally have gymnastic rings, a set of parallel bars, a pull-up bar (though you can just use rings), suspension trainers, resistance bands, possibly even paralettes and handles for push-ups, a weighted vest ranging from 5-30 kilograms, a kettlebell, a fitness mat, possibly gloves, and a sports watch. Certainly, you don’t need a fitness watch, but it helps. I present the ideal situation.

It really depends on which workouts you choose to go through. Many of them can be done at home or just outside your house or apartment building. You can head to a public park or even a gym if you have a membership. Perhaps you have a garage or a specific workout place of your own. I’m not dictating any specific location for you, which is why I’ve incorporated so many different types of workouts to cater to virtually every possible situation.

As you can see in the eBook’s introductory video, just notice the various settings where I train – some are completely ruined spots, while others are at modern fitness gyms, depending on the occasion. I generally prefer to work out outdoors, with a few exceptions.

I’m not the type of person or coach to make empty promises. I’ve worked with individuals for a long time, both directly and indirectly, and I know that results truly vary from one person to another. Some progress quickly even without doing everything right, while others, despite their utmost attention to detail and precision, find it challenging to achieve their desired progression rate. Remember, it’s a journey. If you’re not committed to training over an extended period, any short-term gains you might achieve will be challenging to maintain.

I can only guarantee one thing: if you work consistently and with dedication, even if not everything is perfect, you will see progress over time, albeit in small steps. I’ve never encountered someone who trained earnestly and consistently without eventually being satisfied with their results. Ultimately, it depends on you, not me!

Obviously and rationally, I cannot know how other training programs are. That’s not the point anyway. I know what I want to offer you and I believe this training program addresses many questions and concerns. Without making any comparisons, I’m confident that I’ve put together a high-quality informational eBook, both educational and practical, ready for execution. Whether it’s better than anything else you’ve seen remains strictly an individual experience.

It ultimately depends on you. Do you have certain health issues or are you completely healthy and ready to commit to a training program? As a performance trainer, I always conduct physical evaluations at specialty labs and very detailed medical analyses. I’m interested in whether my athletes have heart issues, respiratory problems, nutrient deficiencies, or any other issues, including postural problems like hyperlordosis or kyphosis. Knowing this allows me to set major goals and a highly personalized training plan, then choose exercises that are suitable and strictly avoid those that cause issues.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you at least get a blood test to check hormone levels, thyroid function, insulin sensitivity, nutrient deficiencies, and even myocardium and lung analyses.

I cannot be held responsible for how you use this program.

Mostly, I would say no, although certain workouts can indeed assist. For instance, I’ve integrated exercises that are exceptionally effective for postural correction and toning all the back muscles, from the surface layers to intermediate and deep layers, from the large to small muscles. There are undoubtedly exercises and routines that can enhance the overall motor function of the body.

Several workouts here also train and enhance lung capacities, the circulatory system, fortify and adapt the heart’s pumping function, increase the need for nutrients, induce anatomical modifications in tissues, and amplify bone density. Hence, these are some of the gains, but it’s not a physiotherapy regimen if that’s your inclination. I didn’t craft this program for individuals with significant health issues.

Most workouts require somewhere between 30-60 minutes. Some might take longer, but it hinges on whether you partake in the supplementary and optional phases. Largely, many of them will be suitable even if you’re pressed for time.

I’ve included details in the theoretical part about how you can track your progress.

While this eBook provides some tips and information about sports nutrition, it isn’t the main focus. You won’t find chapters that delve deeply into nutrition, but I have another eBook dedicated to this, which goes hand in hand with this program for any goal: weight loss, toning, muscle building, physical and athletic performance, bulking, etc.

Given that it’s been 10 years since I started my first calisthenics session, motivation certainly wasn’t the driving force. That’s a long commitment. Hence, I’ve discovered a passion tied to physical activity and the notion of training, in whatever form it may take. I don’t go for a workout session because I’m motivated or not. How could I be if it’s bitterly cold outside or during a scorching heatwave where I can barely endure for 30 minutes? Naturally, I don’t enjoy the pain often associated with it because it impacts my performance.

However, I’ve noticed that if I have a genuine love for something, I do it whether I’m in the mood or have a particular reason or not. Other times, I work out simply because I feel the need. I don’t want a week to go by without at least doing pull-ups, push-ups, squats, ground exercises, and some cardio and sprints. Those three basic weekly workouts are something I commit to, regardless of my mood or energy levels.

If you abandon consistent physical activity, it either means you’ve never truly grasped its benefits, or you’ve been working out for the wrong reasons from the start.

Absolutely. You can post questions on reddit or even shoot me an email. I might not always reply immediately, depending on my schedule, but I always circle back and review everything.

There’s an extensive bibliography provided in the eBook. Everything I’ve penned down is credible, logical, and can be cross-referenced. I’m open to sharing this eBook with anyone, no matter their level of expertise; in fact, the more seasoned they are, the better. But yes, I’ve displayed all the testimonials and citations. I’ve assisted numerous individuals in achieving a commendable physical form, and I’m confident in my advice and assertions. However, that doesn’t imply it’s the sole effective route. There exist other training approaches and methodologies as well.

I’ve personally put it to the test over the years. Ultimately, you’ll have to place some faith in the process. After all, it’s quite apparent if I’m knowledgeable and if what I articulate holds water or not.

Definitely. This eBook is already in its 4th version, the first three being updates, trying to make it even better. The version you are purchasing now is actually a completely new eBook, different, not an update from the previous three.

Of course, I kept those classic and highly-efficient workouts, that produce results, but otherwise, everything is new, plus it includes the theoretical part that did not exist before. There are also video demonstrations, plus many new workouts, modern concepts, and methods, not just the classics. As I get better, my programs automatically become up-to-date, but this process takes time.

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