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I started importing and recording all my runs with STRAVA, although there are many syncing issues between my smartwatch and phone’s app. However, it’s convenient only because many others utilize it too, and I can make my workouts a little more visible. But I won’t lie. It has a good looking interface too.

I utilize at the moment for tracking my runs, a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. My phone is a Samsung Note, and on many occasions when the sync is bad, I have to track everything with the phone instead. Not as convenient in this situation as I can’t track my cardio and heart rate.

Moving further, I run the trails as much as possible, seeking to gain high elevation, and although hills and mountains surround my hometown, they are small and reachable mountains, not too steep. The altitude lifts as high as 1400m. I have to drive 3 hours if I want to reach the highest peaks of over 2000m.

Nonetheless, I am lucky and happy to reach these small mountains in no more than 20-30 minutes from my home. So that’s rather quick.

Track runs with Strava

When going on the trails is impossible, then what’s left is the road running on flat or with elevation. That works too, and actually, I take advantage and try to perfect my running technique and improve pace and cardio, stuff that I can’t focus when on trails but which helps eventually.

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I try to improve my pace for the 10k distance and so far,

10k in 45 minutes:

I also like to run when outside is very hot. I feel that my cardio and body adapt to high temperatures much better if I do my runs in the trails’ hottest moments. It’s a thing I highly recommend if you are healthy and know how to hydrate and keep your electrolytic level up always.

16k Trail Run on a Very Hot Day

Then I also use combinations of forest pathways with road running and elevation too. So below, I have a semi-marathon distance that I tried to cover pretty much as close to my capability.

Midlong Run: 21k, 350m elevation, 5:12/km

I also attempt short distances where I either focus on a fast pace, or steep hills or mountains. It comes perfectly as a leg workout.

Mountain Running: 426m Elevation

STRAVA: Quick Running App Review

So far, the only problem I noticed is the sync between my SAMSUNG watch and the phone’s app, and apparently, no updates solved it yet. Other than that, the app is nicely built, good interface, and it has all the aspects needed to analyze your runs accurately.

Trail Running for Beginners

As a bonus, you can watch one of my videos where I detailed how to improve your trail running:

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