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We all love movies and look up to actors who possess stunning physiques built naturally. One of my favorite actors who you can find in this category is Jason Statham. I am inspired by him because he maintains an impressive and muscular body in his fifties. That’s certainly my goal when I reach his age.

Now, some actors use steroids and other shortcuts to being in their best shape for movie roles, but I don’t think Statham is not one of them. He does the majority of his action-packed combat scenes from the movies, and we all know that’s not at all easy. You cannot perform those fighting moves if you are not fit, strong and flexible.

When I researched to write my article, I found out that Jason Statham’s workout contains lifting weights, but the base is compound bodyweight movements. I believe that this is the main factor in building and maintaining a muscular physique at any age. The benefits of pull-ups, pushups, and squats are incredibly diverse. One of the apparent benefits is that you won’t look like a fifty-year-old guy. You’ll look much younger with a satisfying amount of muscle mass and a low body fat percentage.

Details About Jason Statham Workout

Jason Statham trains mainly in a circuit style with full-body routines that are meant to build his conditioning and maintain his muscle mass. One example is this: a circuit of three exercises in which you hold the position for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and then change the exercise. It looks like this:

  1. Ring Dip Hold. Hold yourself at the top of the position for 30 seconds.
  2. L-sits on parallel (dips) bars.
  3. Bodyweight Squat Holds. Lower yourself to the bottom position of the squat with your thighs parallel to the ground and hold.

But this is the warm-up. His workout is usually this:

  1. Pull-ups
  2. Decline pushups with feet on a ladder
  3. Knees to the elbow.

He performs these exercises in a circuit style with no rest in between and the reps go like this: 10 reps of each exercise in the first set, then 9 reps in the second, 8 in the third and so on until he does 1 rep of each movement.

The third part of his workout is interval training containing sprints. Six intervals of 500 m sprints. Between each sprint, engage in active rest of 3 minutes walking.

As you can see, the hard part of his training style is not the number of reps or sets but the minimum or no rest time. This keeps your muscles in a state of constant tension. For example, to perform over 50 pull-ups with no rest in-between sets is no joke for anybody, and if you train in the old school way you know what I mean.

Jason Statham Does Bodyweight Workout

As I said about Zach McGowan in a previous article:

I can easily tell only by judging bodily aesthetics what type of training someone did.”

You can’t but agree with me that Jason Statham possesses a jaw-dropping raw physique and it is more than obvious that his kind of body can only be built by doing various sports during childhood plus a couple of years training with compound bodyweight moves.

Jason inspires at every level looking like this, keeping an extremely low body fat percentage in his fifties. But everything he does comes purely from his mindset as he states:

“Once your mind is polluted with consequences it can be a disaster. So it’s the real purity of the focus which I find fascinating and admire it to such a high level.”

All successful men share this common mindset. They all fear failure but they somehow stay focused on their path and do what needs to be done. I could easily say that it is the same with training as it is with the career.

Eliminate those polluted thoughts that constantly say that you can’t achieve something. A great physique is built over the course of several years and if you are not grounded and disciplined you’ll never reach your fitness goals. Jason was always committed to sports since childhood when he practiced different types of Martial Arts, High Diving, Skiing, etc. These sports were the cornerstone to how he looks today. However, a physique muscular as his cannot be built without doing a lot of strength exercises and hence calisthenics was part of his life always.

bodyweight workout for Jason Statham

Contrary to popular beliefs, calisthenics is not always about freestyle. For Jason, it was a powerful weapon to build his musculature. He basically got inspired by US Navy Seals as I was when I started calisthenics. Their style includes a lot of basic bodyweight exercises like jumping jacks, planks, sprints, runs, pull-ups, pushups, sit-ups, hangs from a pull-up bar, rope climbing, squats, etc.

The techniques and training methods are not as important as working with them and always pushing the limits:

“If your pushing your skills a little bit or if you try to do something that you are not sure whether you can do I think that there’s a real reward in that by getting to do it” (Jason Statham).

Seeing Jason Statham posing in a human flag position is extraordinary. It is one of the toughest isometric exercises and takes years of bodyweight training to achieve it. He pushed himself always like everybody should do.

Nevertheless, this idea of always pushing yourself and progressing isn’t supposed to stress you too much. You should always do things with passion and look for good feelings. It is enough to stay confident that one day you’ll get there and the stress will disappear because you know it is just a matter of time. Jason says:

“I like feeling good. Working out is part of feeling good. The mind is in tune with the body”.

Transform anger and frustration into good energy. Greatness will be achieved after sweating and fighting a lot. I personally chose, like Jason, to enjoy the journey. That’s why every time I go running on the mountains, I feel happy like a 12-year-old kid, although I push myself to physical exhaustion.

When asked about his nutrition he responded that it is always based upon the circumstances he is placed in.

I never wanted to be pointed out as the difficult guy that cannot enjoy a good scotch, steak or soda because fitness goals were above absolutely everything, even above personal rewards. If your entourage invites you to party in the city at a disco club, then enjoy it. Recover and get back to what needs to be done when nobody sees you.

I’ve mentioned about Navy Seal training and only numbered the exercises, but how they organize them is quite interesting. I was extremely happy to observe that Jason includes techniques similar to mine: no machines, relying only on bodyweight pull-ups and pushups. For instance:

Ladder Type of Workout:

  • 10 pull-ups superseted with 20 pushups
  • 9 pull-ups superseted with 19 pushups
  • ———————————————-
  • 1 pull-up superseted with 10 pushups

This is but one example; I’ve tried them hundreds of times and know they work efficiently. Now I know that many of you may start thinking how can such a workout build a body like Jason has. Well, I did develop a body like his and I can point out the path towards such results.

When you train with compound exercises for several years and pay overall consideration to your nutrition then you need no gym membership nor weights for achieving a nicely chiseled body.

It comes down to what you want to do. If you believe that you can build a great physique with bodyweight training then that is exactly what you’ll do. The power of will and time determine the outcome. The exercises he usually does besides what I’ve told you so far are:

  • rope climbing
  • press-ups (pushups)
  • chinups
  • explosive exercises
  • sprints
  • pullup variations

Jason Statham does sprints

He is involved in any physical activity that sounds interesting. The sprints allow him to maintain or even build physical condition and even build massive legs. Rope climbing is great for building strong forearms and biceps, plus it builds functionality through your entire body. Pullup variations and explosive exercises (such as clapping pushups or pullups, jumps, etc.) keep him shredded and strong.

Workouts Similar to What Jason Statham Does

Circuit Workout:

  • 10 Close Grip Pullups or Chinups
  • 15 Dips
  • 20 Diamond Pushups
  • 10 Leg Raises

Do it as a circuit, with minimum pause, and for 5-10 cycles.

Full Body Workout:

  • 1 min. Jump Rope -> 1 min. Burpees -> 1 min. Pushups -> 1 min. Jump Squats -> 1 min. Floor Leg Raises -> 1 min. Plank

(This circuit is a superset. Do 5 of them) No rest between exercises. Rest 2 minutes after each superset and as little as you need to while working out.

Sprints Workout:

  • 15-20 minutes Jogging
  • 200 meters Sprints x 3 sets (4 min. rest)
  • 100 meters Sprints x 3 sets (2 min. rest)
  • 50 meters Sprints x 3 sets (2 min. rest)
  • Jump Rope for 10 min. straight (do very short breaks when needed).

You can implement these sorts of workouts in your training routine. I constantly do them too so I know they work effectively in building a great Hollywood physique. I have a lot more similar workouts in my eBook below:

High Volume Calisthenics Workouts – Calisthenics Program

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