10 Most Essential Ring Exercises for Strength and Muscles

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If you are searching for the best and most essential compound ring movements to increase your strength and muscle size, then here is my list with 10 basic ring exercises I do frequently:

  1. Ring Dips
  2. Body Rows or Horizontal Pull-Ups
  3. Wide Ring Pull-Ups
  4. Pull-Ups with Rotation
  5. Ring Flies
  6. Full Leg-Raises
  7. Ring Pushups with Abduction
  8. Assisted Pistol Squats
  9. L-Sit Pull-Ups
  10. Assisted One-Arm Pull-Ups.

I also videotaped all these exercises, and thus, if you want to see the exact execution, form, and speed, please check it out below. I included two more bonus ring exercises.

I’ve found that these compound ring moves engage and activate all the muscles associated with strength and hypertrophy, and you’ll acquire good stabilization and coordination in the meantime too.

Nonetheless, I invite you to explore more and do bodyweight bar training and further calisthenics leg training that doesn’t include gymnastic rings.

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My list of 10 bodyweight ring exercises can suffer slight modifications in terms of grip, range, and execution, leading to similar essential variants. For instance, 90-Degree Leg Raises instead of Full 180-Degree Leg Raises.

10 Essential Ring Exercises

The first variant is a little easier if you can keep your legs pretty much stretched out and aligned. This one can also be modified if it’s hard, and thus, you can bend the legs and raise the knees instead. This is how you can come up with either three different variants or find the one that fits better to your current level.

Among all these core and upper-body exercises, I also integrated one for legs, The Assisted Pistol Squat. This exercise best fits a beginner who still finds free Pistol Squats very difficult. However, don’t rely on this exercise alone for leg development; you need more leg exercise variety.

Assisted Pistol Squats with Rings

I hope this list comes in help. Add these exercises in your weekly training log without hesitation, train consistently, and see big developments.

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