Struggling with pull-ups, push-ups, and squats? Don’t fret! My program will guide you from ground zero, elevating your fitness over 8 months to a solid foundational level

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  • 4-month macrocycle: to master each basic bodyweight exercise, even if it currently seems incredibly challenging.
  • Follow it up with another 4-month macrocycle for refining the exercises and achieving more significant gains in strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility, and muscle definition.
  • The program adheres to exercise science, ensuring that the workout plans can be repeated. That’s why they’re properly periodized into macro, meso, and microcycles, making them easy to adjust, repeat, and optimize.
  • You’ll find comprehensive lists of exercises and progressions, all accompanied by demonstrative videos showcasing the proper form and execution.
  • Basic theory explained in a way that anyone can understand.
  • It’s a versatile program that also incorporates aerobic training, Vo2 Max workouts, HIIT and Sprint Interval Training.
  • You will also find exercises with resistance bands.

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It’s quite amusing when I reflect on how my journey into outdoor bodyweight training began and how it eventually led to inspiring others. The primary reason was purely practical: I couldn’t afford a gym membership. This led me to embrace running and basic calisthenics, which, for reasons I didn’t fully understand at the time, perfectly aligned with my natural and simplistic approach to life. Right from the start, I sensed a natural proficiency developing. Initially, I was lean and athletic, yet lacking in muscular endurance and strength, and I recognized the significant work that lay ahead.


As a calisthenics beginner, my goals were ambitious: mastering the muscle-up, performing one-handed pull-ups, effortlessly walking in a handstand, and building muscle. Over time, not only did I achieve these milestones, but I also developed lean muscle mass. At a certain point, I realized the value of sharing my accumulated training methods, routines, and insights. Hence, I compiled them into an eBook for beginners. Beginner Calisthenics is the kind of program I wished for in my early days, one that I never encountered.


The program starts you off from absolute zero, requiring no prior experience, but I’ve also designed it for beginners who already have some foundational experience.

Definitely, but only on the condition that you consistently follow the proposed workouts.

Certainly, but again, only if you work hard and consistently, month after month.

It includes all the progressions necessary for a beginner in calisthenics and even more. It offers exercises specific to resistance bands, stability exercises, plyometrics, Vo2 Max workouts, various types of sprints, stair-focused exercises, ring and suspension trainer exercises, and even hybrid routines.

Certainly, the workouts and exercises are easily replaceable or modifiable in terms of execution and volume.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), Sprint Interval Training, calisthenics supersets, pyramids, ladders, classic sets and reps, full-body training, split routines, etc.

Yes. Aerobic training in Zone II is a major focus of this program.

Absolutely. It’s a training program designed for any person.

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