Nutrition & training made simple

In this eBook, you’ll find fundamental information about nutrition, including key aspects of sports nutrition and muscle physiology. Its purpose is to assist you in adopting a more suitable and sustainable diet, whether your goals are muscle growth, supporting high-intensity and endurance training, or weight loss

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What’s Inside?

  • You’ll grasp macronutrients in a practical way.
  • Fundamental insights into sports physiology and sports nutrition.
  • A detailed analysis of quality proteins, specifically focusing on amino acids and their relationship with muscle and performance development.
  • An exploration of fats through the lens of cardiovascular training and how they should be consumed.
  • The relationship between carbohydrates and physical training, including insulin resistance.
  • Intermittent fasting, when and under what conditions to practice it.
  • Macro distribution and dietary inake.
  • Hormonal regulation through balanced nutrition and physical training.
  • Muscle metabolism: energy systems and the exercises related.
  • Strength and hypertrophy training.
  • VO2 Max training.
  • Zone II aerobic training explained.
  • Muscle recovery and the state of supercompensation.
  • My meal plan: breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks.

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