Why You’re Paying So Much to Exercise

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Have you ever added up how much money you spend on fitness in a year? Have you thought about why you spend so much? Because, to be honest with you, I got strong, fit and muscular by spending little to no money. The most important aspects that affect results, like work ethic, don’t cost money. Nowadays you can get knowledge about everything without spending money, but by putting in some effort and time.

I also don’t understand why people are paying so much to buy powders, the ultimate clothing technology, the super workout app, or expensive gym memberships when it is obviously not working out for the majority. Feeding the ego or covering the fear of failure isn’t going to help either, nor does seeking approval from others.

The reason why I am wondering about these aspects is that fitness, in essence, should be pretty cheap and simple. Watch below the results I got and barely spent any money:

If that’s your situation, do you think that lacking all these things, you wouldn’t be able to feel good and progress? Or maybe there is a girl you might want to impress. Either way, if you are on a budget, then spending money on crap will never help your cause. Go spend on whatever is truly important.

Getting back to the question with which I started this article; in 2018, I spent roughly $100 in total for running shoes, a jump rope, three rubber bands, and straps too. Less than 10 bucks a month. The clothes I have for this year are the ones from last year. In 2017 I spent around $300 only to build my home gym. Along with this expense, I might have spent another 100 bucks tops. But that’s about it.

Everything I buy lasts for years and honestly, I don’t even feel these expenses because they are so low. However, I knew guys that spend in a month nearly 20% off their salaries on a gym membership, powders, and supplements. There are a lot of people who spend around $100 a month on supplements only. They have the highest tech clothing possible even if they train inside and lift weights only. If you can afford all this, it’s fine. But if you have difficulties in buying better food, than maybe you should cut out the other expenses. It’s you for whom I write these words here. It’s ridiculous to spend more than 5-10% of your salary for training.

Don’t be stingy either! There is a big difference between spending recklessly because you were informed wrong or paying for what you need and it’s valuable. Information nowadays can be found for free on the internet. But even so, if you were to buy fitness knowledge via books, you may need no more than a training and nutrition book. Those products can be enough for your entire fitness journey. $20-70 for 1-2 books is nothing considering that they give you all the right information.

All I needed to start and train with calisthenics were 4 eBooks. The rest was my own struggle and the lessons taken from my own mistakes. Now, over the years, I have accumulated sufficient experience to be able to teach others too.

During my fitness journey, I was able to add, naturally, 10 kilograms of mass while keeping myself shredded. This is something that bodybuilders usually don’t think possible with calisthenics because, in their opinion, bodyweight exercises don’t stimulate muscle growth. They still believe that bodyweight fitness is about endurance and cardio only. Of course, they are wrong. It can be done, and I was successful because I did my homework properly. I didn’t fall into the ads trap or pay attention to popular opinions.

I chose to buy better food instead of buying expensive powders. If I can eat those 2 grams of protein for each kilogram of body weight, then why should I buy supplements? Many prefer buying powders and if they have more money then they will pay for whatever quality they can afford.

A lot of bodybuilders talk about the absorption of protein and it could be a reason why they pay for it. Somehow, powders facilitate the absorption better. I am not against that theory, but some processes need to happen for our own well-being. We were built to function naturally. I prefer to eat without thinking about protein absorption. Training tears apart my muscle tissue and food rebuild it. It is that simple! Everything that is done naturally lasts longer. Not to mention that it’s even healthier.

Maybe the number one reason why I got involved with outdoor training was that of money. I went out to parks and throughout the city to find spots for training. It is entirely free to do street fitness. It didn’t stop me from progressing. I never had thoughts about how bad it is because of weather, temperature, conditions, comfort, technology, etc.Exercise Outdoor

Weak people make excuses while strong minds take action. I find reasons for why I should do it, not making up excuses for why I shouldn’t. Time passed and now I can spend money on whatever I please, but I am still doing the same cheap outdoor training. I preferred to build my own outdoor gym in the backyard instead of joining a gym. Even so, it cost me less.

Now, friends of mine join my workout every day. I help them progress. We spend quality time and I love to get training buddies like them. It’s great! The purpose is to be a better version of ourselves and not a competition who can afford better equipment.

Let me be clear about something. I don’t care what you do with your money especially if you have a lot of it. But I know that there are plenty of young guys that don’t attempt training because they think it’s mandatory to buy all the crap. Far too many don’t know how to prioritize. If you don’t earn enough, then you have to reconsider the available options.

I think that you do it mostly because you follow trends. If you want to develop a body then the first things crossing your mind are supplements and lifting weights or even a personal trainer. Other motives are related to ego, entourage and nowadays marketers. Those marketers want your money, they couldn’t care less about you and your results unless they are achieved with their help.

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