Why Do You Pay to Exercise?

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You don’t need to pay to exercise or to achieve a good-looking physique. It will require training outdoors or at home, but if you can’t afford a gym membership and if the burden is too much to stand, then do what I recommend.

Use the money to buy better food and the proper clothing for training in good conditions.

Spending more than 20% of your salary only to train and achieve good fitness results may not be the best thing to do if you struggle financially.

Back when I started outdoor calisthenics, I literally couldn’t afford a monthly gym membership. It was really cheap but even so, too expensive for my pocket.

The obvious option was to train outdoors, and that’s how I started bodyweight training.

With time, my financial situation improved, and I still train outdoors and spend little to no money. I don’t need a coach, app or gym memberships, just some equipment: gymnastic rings, suspension trainers, clothes, jump ropes and so on.

All the tools I mentioned are cheap and last long. The rings might be for life, frankly.

How to approach fitness in general?

You can train at home or outdoors, right? Many bodyweight exercises do not require equipment except for some space. Plyometric leg exercises and squat variations can be done easily at home or anywhere else.

Jumping the rope to improve your aerobic fitness doesn’t require much space. Then you can do Burpees, planks, leg raises on the floor and different types of ab exercises, from crunches and sit-ups to twists and various kicks.

Almost all your stretching routines can be done at home or outdoors if the weather allows you. Therefore, focus on recovery and implement exercises that don’t require anything but your body weight.

You can do all the pushups you want without using any tool or equipment, right? Turn upside down and do Handstand Pushups against a wall. Take two chairs and do Dips.

You can do horizontal or Australian pull-ups underneath a solid and large dining table for your back muscles. If you buy some cheap rubber bands, you can do plenty of back and biceps exercises with their help.

Therefore, where there is a will, there is a way. But spending money when you can’t afford it is not wise. Fitness should be pretty cheap or entirely free. It’s really up to you.

I built my whole body through basic calisthenics, running and swimming (read my background here). What else do you need?

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