Shredding Program

Shredding Program

What You May Expect!

Results are visible!

Sample workouts

  • 50m sprints
  • 10 Leg Raises
  • 1 min Jumping Rope
  • 10 Burpees
  • 30 seconds Mountain Climbers (4 times)
  • 10 Jump Squats
  • 1 min Jumping Jacks
  • 20 Sit-ups
  • 1 min Plank
  • 1 min Isometric Wolf Squat (4 times)
  • 20 – 30 min Stair Run
  • 3 min Jump Rope x 10
  • 40 min Flat Run
  • 400 m Sprints x 4
  • 100 m Sprints x 4
  • 50 m Sprints x 4
  • 1 hour Trail Run (High Elevation)

How I Lost Over 30 Pounds!

I was 211lbs (96kg) at the end of June 2018, and within 14 months I downsized to 180lbs (meaning 82kg). The impressive facto is that I kept the lean mass, and increased the muscularity in my legs a lot. I exhaled and eliminated as water over 30 pounds of body fat in a bit over a year. I didn’t diet, supplemented, nor I spent money to train. 

I lost all that extra poundage naturally and sustainably!

Through correctly understanding the mathematics of weight loss and using my over 10 years of fitness and sports experience, I knew how to get fit and very athletic once again. It was a matter of time only!


To summarize, I started to prepare my meals, and make incremental improvements to my overall diet. But I didn’t eliminate carbs, proteins, and fats, nor I followed a low-calorie diet. Instead, I chose the correct types of macronutrients and learned how to cook to satisfy my body’s needs and goals. The calorie deficit mainly came from training. 

I needed to fuel up correctly and sufficiently because the training was rigorous. 70% of my workouts were cardio-based while the rest consisted of calisthenics. I did a lot of trail run, covering distances from 8km to almost 40km per session, depending on the day. Along with that, I also packed a lot of calisthenics high-intensity-interval-training.

Therefore, I made the program to teach you how to fuel your body and train correctly so you can get fit, regardless of how oversized or weak you are at the moment.


I split the eBook into two parts, one covering the essential aspects of nutrition and meal planning, the other dedicated entirely to exercising. The purpose is to help you downsize regardless of how much you’re exceeding in weight at the moment. But in your quest to get fit, I also planned on helping you build lean muscle tissue, athleticism and maintain the results in the longterm. 

The program focuses on both cardio and anaerobic training like calisthenics high-intensity-intervals. The bright side is that you don’t need to follow diets and retain yourself from eating. You will learn what types of foods you can eat to fuel accordingly to resist training and pass the day pleasantly. 

Yes. I explain the essentials about calories, nutrients, types of foods, diets, meal planning, cooking, eating outside, etc. I also provide my meal samples and precisely what I did to successfully get athletic once again.

Yes. You will learn about what to eat, or to avoid, but also samples for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. I am not only giving you a meal plan. I teach you how to fuel your body with the essential nutrients correctly.

Nope. But I admit diets work effectively for dropping in weight quickly. However, this is the perfect case to find it back later on and get even more massive than before. I dropped in weight systematically and over a more extended period. I didn’t abuse my brain by putting myself to a high degree of discomfort, nor I wanted glycemia or calcium break down. 

For me, health comes first and fitness secondly. Thus, following my advice, you are not exposing yourself to health risks or any other jeopardize. You will see that you can eat after 9 pm and enjoy carbs too! 

Yes. There is a whole palette of foods and meals you can choose from and eat after 9 pm. Rest assured, no need to lie in bed, starving.

Skip breakfast only if you are comfortable with doing so. I am not recommending Intermittent Fasting here, but I do have a decently large fasting window in my eating schedule. It depends a lot on what activities I have in the afternoon or the morning. I will give you a breakfast plan, or what to snack on in the absence of it. 

Everything is after all related to time, or if you leave home soon after waking up or when you schedule training. That dictates whether you breakfast, snack on something, or skip it to lunch. 

Having a nutrition plan to fit your lifestyle activities and fuel them is what matters the most. It is what makes a diet sustainable and easy-to-follow. My eBook is all about that!

You aren’t exceeding in weight because you did all right in the past years. You will adjust and adapt. Depending on how much weight you carry around, you will do incremental changes or big ones. But you will compromise on sugar table, animal fat, certain simple carbs, and various foods that are over-processed. The whole point is to clean up a little bit and replace what’s critical.

Being skinny and carrying around a belly fat must be treated the same as you were overall fat. Bulking and cutting at the end isn’t going to work for you; it is not a gradual and natural process. I don’t care what the media have taught you.

First and foremost, spot reduction doesn’t exist. Losing weight is a biochemistry process. And mathematics says that body fat doesn’t turn into anything after burning it. It still has mass, but you exhale it out as CO2 and eliminate it as water in a proportion of 14%. That is why you also need training because you can’t just breathe more by sitting in the chair.

For cardio training, you will jog, run, hike, jump the rope, and different types of light calisthenics exercises. For HIIT, you will utilize bodyweight exercises merged with the cardio ones too. Have no worries if you can’t perform any of them, I designed the eBook from a fundamental fitness level but also for those feeling strong.

You can replace running with other exercises like jumping-rope or hiking. But if you can jog for at least 10 minutes, be it at your own pace, then you can focus on that and build from there. If you can’t do pull-ups or any other essential calisthenics exercise, then you will either assist yourself with a rubber band or change to different lighter variations that you can handle. The program provides them, but you will need to buy an elastic band for that.

If you want to do cardio training at all, then you will focus more on anaerobic HIIT routines. And vice-versa. My strong recommendation is to do exactly how the program suggests.

You may need elastic rubber bands to assist yourself for pull-ups, pushups if you are not yet strong enough. For basic HIIT calisthenics routines, you need bars and a dip station too. Maybe you can find a public park or a calisthenics playground (that would be awesome). 

For everything else, you need an athletic field, the streets of your city, a stadium that has stairs or forest and hill trails.Everything is almost free. The only expense is this eBook and more qualitative groceries.

I tailored the program to meet everyone’s expectations, regardless of how old, young, strong or weak you are at the moment.

Yes! Whether you are a woman or a man, you can follow my Shredding Program.

I don’t provide or promote aggressive fat loss results. I don’t believe in magic pills, tricks, short term goals and you can’t physiologically lose more than a few pounds every 2 weeks. I guarantee improvements as you go through the process. Expect to drop 1 or 2 pounds a week once you train 100% according to the program. 

In my effort of downsizing, I had days when I burned even more or maintained the weight from the previous weeks. Both of us are human beings, not machines, and the progress doesn’t occur linearly. But I promise you are going to get fit in a matter of months!

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