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My name is Andrei Pop and I was thinking it would be helpful for some of you busy guys to present my experience with calisthenic training, as I am a busy guy too.

I will tell the story of how I met Adorian, how I started to workout in the Old School Calisthenic way and I will also tell you about how I managed to squeeze the workouts in my very busy schedule and how I was able to achieve a balance between my mind body and soul.

For me, mental work is my job, workouts are for my body and the soul represents my family.

So here we go! I work as a maintenance manager at a prestigious aerospace production company and my main job is to make sure that equipment run properly 24/7/365.
I am married and I have two loved sons, one of them is 4 years old and the other is 6 months old and thus, you can imagine how busy I am during the whole day.
I was always an active person, skinny and never muscular. However, during college I reduced my physical activity to almost 0 hence I became a skinny fat guy. My dream was always about achieving a muscular and shredded body.
About 2 years ago, in 2015, I started training with Adorian as my personal trainer.
I knew him since when he wasn’t in such a good shape like he is today.
I witnessed for two years his body transformation doing only bodyweight training and free of supplements. So I was convinced that I can have results following his methods.
Working with him was tough and I understood the reason why few persons reach their fitness goals.
What you see in the picture above is my transformation during my time training with Adorian as my personal trainer.

I worked out for a whole year, 3 times per week. They were all hard or very hard and obviously I had moments when I wanted to quit. But Adorian helped me overcome those moments. There were times when the progress was present and those days felt like heaven.

In this period of time I built the foundation and I learned most of Adorian’s applicable knowledge, exactly what you will find, described very, very nice and easy, in his new book: High-Volume Calisthenic Workouts.

The results came, but harder and over a longer period than in comparison with Adorian’s. This is normal, as we are all different, but the results came in the end. The results come to all human beings. Why? Because we are all made the same. Same muscles, tendons, bones, blood, organs, same processes of building muscle, same digestion and nutrition processes.

At that time I had only one son, but I managed to workout 75 minutes/day, for 3 times per week. I did the minimum training required by him but still in the High-Volume Calisthenics style. I did hundreds of pushups, pull-ups and squats per each training session.

After my second son was born, it all changed. In that period we moved from one house to another and all that took a lot of my time. I stopped working out.

I had multiple attempts to restart my training, but it was only for 2-3 workouts, then something appeared and my time for training vanished. I learned from Adorian and then I saw it in me as well, that consistency which is very important.

Considering these circumstances I had to find a new approaches, because I never felt better like when I workout. And I started using my mind and think what worked best from my past experiences and how can I make it simpler, easier, shorter and more effective. I still wanted to progress and have results.

Therefore, I will publish an article where I will explain how I started to train smarter and how I fit a 7/7 days training into my busy schedule. Also I will tell you some useful nutrition tips as well. You?ll learn from my experience how to apply it easier into your busy schedule.

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