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There is no progress in bodyweight training without doing upper body circuit workouts. These calisthenics circuits are always based on the fundamental pull-ups, dips and pushups. They are very hard workouts that will overload the muscles and the cardiovascular system.

When you do calisthenics circuits, you gradually build the intensity as you move from an exercise to another with a brief pause and repeat the cycles. The more cycles you do, the more volume you accumulate, which has a great result on your muscles over time.

Around The World Upper-Body Circuit

This is the best calisthenics upper body workout, and it’s widely known as Around the World because you move from pull-ups to dips and then to pushups, in cycles of fixed reps:

  • 10 cycles of 5-10 Pull-Ups -> 10-20 Dips -> 12-20 Pushups

To oversimplify, I also recorded the workout for you. I managed 400 reps in total by doing 10 cycles of 10 pull-ups and 15 dips and pushups:

Modify The Workout

You may have to modify the rep interval to fit your strength endurance. Also, feel free to try out different grips for pull-ups and pushups. If you face problems with pull-ups, then replace them with Body Rows or assist yourself with some elastic rubber straps.

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